Admission Criteria for ASA-FINLAND Membership

We warmly invite you to join the vibrant community of ASA-FINLAND. To become a full member, you have the convenience of registering online or by downloading, filling out, and submitting the Membership Form at one of our gatherings. Please consider the following criteria for membership acceptance:

  • Application Process: Interested individuals must complete the membership form or proceed with Online Registration to indicate their interest in joining the association.
  • Registration Fee: Applicants are required to pay a registration fee of 10 euros, in addition to other dues and levies.
  • Membership Classes: We offer various classes of membership. Notably, Associate and Honorary members are exempt from the membership registration fee.
  • Membership Eligibility: As outlined in our constitution, engagement in association activities alone does not confer full membership status without fulfilling the registration requirements specified in Section 3.02 (I & 2). Full membership benefits are reserved for those who meet all criteria.
  • Membership Benefits: Upon payment of the registration fee, new members will receive our constitution and a pin code (password) for access to privileged content on our website.
  • Transferred Members: Individuals transitioning from other Anambra associations in different locations must present a clearance letter from their previous association’s leadership, waiving the registration fee and other prerequisites.

We value your potential contributions to our community and Anambra State. Becoming a member opens avenues for supporting and enhancing our association, a family united by brotherhood, love, and unity.

Membership Classes Explained:

  • Full Membership: Open to all Igbo individuals of Anambra origin residing in Finland. Eligibility extends to those born or married into Anambrarian families, or those naturalized in Anambra State.
  • Associate Membership: For individuals not of Anambra origin who align with the association’s ideology and objectives. Associate members enjoy participation rights in meetings and activities but cannot vote, be voted for, or receive full membership benefits.
  • Honorary Membership: Conferred upon individuals or entities making significant contributions to the association or who strongly identify with our goals. Honorary members can attend meetings but have no voting rights and are not subject to union rules, except for those governing meetings they choose to attend.
  • Patron: Recommended by the executive board and recognized for their enthusiastic support, financial generosity, and leadership. The total number of active patrons is limited to three at any given time.
  • Inactive/Nominal/Non-Financial Member: Members who have not paid dues for a year post-expiry, failed to meet constitutional obligations, or shown disinterest in the association’s goals will be classified as such.

Join us today and let’s make a significant impact together. Your envisioned contributions are highly anticipated as we strive to support and improve our great association, fostering a harmonious and united community.