Member Benefits & Privileges at Anambra State Association

As a valued financial and active member of our association, you are entitled to a comprehensive suite of benefits and privileges designed to enrich your experience and support your well-being. These benefits are a testament to our commitment to fostering a supportive and thriving community within the Anambra State Association.

Fundamental Rights

  • Voting Rights: Full members enjoy the exclusive right to vote for ASA leaders, ensuring your voice is heard in pivotal decisions.
  • Leadership Opportunities: Eligibility to hold ASA office and serve on committees, providing a platform to contribute actively to our mission.
  • Awards and Recognition: Equitable opportunity to be recognized and receive ASA awards, irrespective of religion, sex, tribe, or gender.
  • Support in Times of Need: Comprehensive support during significant life events such as marriages, childbirth, sickness, and bereavements, affirming our commitment to being there for one another.
  • Legal Protection: The association commits to defending members’ rights through legal avenues when necessary.

Financial Support and Insurance

  • Group Insurance Policy: Access to group insurance, ensuring members are covered upon payment of the premium and maintaining financial standing.
  • Loan Scheme: An initiative to provide loans from our collective fund, supporting members financially with minimal interest.

Celebrations and Life Events

  • Child Birth and Naming Ceremonies: Officially informed events will see the association presenting a gift worth €50, celebrating the joy of new life.
  • Child Dedication: A gift of €100 is presented at a member’s child naming ceremony, with the union attending as a group to share in the celebration.
  • Birthdays: Children of members receive €100 on their birthday, celebrating this special day.
  • Marriages: The union celebrates marriages involving financial members with a gift of €200, alongside group attendance, singing, and dancing.

Health and Compassion

  • Sickness Support: Visits and provisions not exceeding €50 are arranged for hospitalized members, with additional financial support deliberated for serious concerns.

Bereavement Support

  • Death: Assistance in repatriating the corpse to Nigeria and a condolence support of €1500 to the family, alongside collaborative efforts with insurance for the last respects.
  • Bereavement of Parents: A condolence visit with a cash gift of €500 to the bereaved.
  • Bereavement of Sibling: A condolence visit with a cash gift of €250 to the bereaved.
  • Bereavement of Child, Daughter, or Wife: A condolence visit with a cash gift of €1000 to the bereaved.

Recognition and Support

  • Rewarding Hard Work: Members who significantly contribute to the association’s objectives and ideals are recognized and rewarded, either in cash or kind, such as by awarding certificates.

Additional Support

  • Legal Support on Family Matters: Providing essential legal assistance to navigate family-related legal issues.
  • Comprehensive Care and Welfare: Dedicated to ensuring the well-being and care of all members, reflecting our ethos of mutual support and solidarity.

Our association is committed to upholding these benefits and privileges, reinforcing our dedication to the empowerment, care, and success of every member within our community.


Please Note:


  1. The nominal members or non-financial members shall have a limited right in matters concerning the association, therefore
  2. he/she shall not have the right to vote during general meetings.
  3. he/she shall not hold any office.
  4. he/she shall not be accorded member privileges or basic rights (e.g.) if there is member benefit accorded to financial members in any event organized by the organization.
  5. he/she shall cease to be a member after two years of absence or failed dues.
  6. In this case, he/she will re-register as a new member and will be considered one in relation to all rules guiding new members.
  7. The non-financial member may be visited by members in the event defined in Section 14.02 (4 & 5) but not as a union and the entitlement may not be given to such non-financial member.