ASA End of Xmas Party 2017

Elevating Cultural Heritage and Community Empowerment: The Journey of Anambra State Association Finland Ry

The Anambra State Association Finland Ry, also recognized as A.S.A Finland Ry (Y-tunnus: 28464739), epitomizes a beacon of cultural preservation and community development among the Anambra diaspora in Finland. Established in 2010 by visionary Anambrarians residing across Finland, this non-profit organization has flourished into a vibrant community dedicated to fostering unity, promoting Igbo cultural heritage, and enhancing the well-being of its members.

Foundational Goals and Achievements

Rooted in the principle of “Onye aghara nwanne ya” (no one should abandon their sibling), A.S.A Finland Ry has been instrumental in celebrating the significant moments of our members’ lives, including weddings, childbirths, graduations, and more, while also providing support during times of sorrow and challenge. Our commitment extends beyond mere camaraderie; we aim to be exemplary ambassadors of Anambra and Igbo culture, both in Finland and globally.

Under the leadership of Chairman Anthony Onwutalobi, A.S.A Finland Ry has garnered accolades, including recognition as the best association in Europe, a testament to our impactful contributions to cultural preservation and community empowerment.

Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to cultivate a vibrant community through forums that facilitate information sharing, connect neighbors, and endorse civic participation. We are committed to integrating Anambrarians into Finnish society, ensuring a productive and enjoyable stay in Finland while preserving our rich cultural heritage.

Our vision encompasses the development of our local and global environment, embracing community forums for integration, promoting inclusiveness, and supporting charitable endeavors for the less privileged in our society.

Core Objectives and Programs

Cultural Integration and Preservation: We prioritize the integration of Anambra indigenes into Finnish society, ensuring the preservation of our culture and language.

Empowerment and Educational Programs: A.S.A Finland Ry hosts a range of workshops, courses, exhibitions, and leisure activities aimed at member empowerment and professional development.

Promoting Igbo Language and Culture: Through language instruction, cultural arts, and family picnics, we celebrate and educate our community about Igbo traditions.

Think Home Initiative: Our projects extend to Anambra State, Nigeria, aiming to improve the lives of those in local towns and villages through sustainable development efforts.

Integration and Orientation Programs: We facilitate the integration of youth into Finnish society and provide guidance for newly arrived Anambrarians, ensuring their successful adaptation.

Anambra Business & Cultural Project: Annually, we reflect on Anambra State’s economic and infrastructural development through conferences and seminars.

Children & Youth Projects: Plans are underway to establish an Igbo language and culture school, preparing the future generation for leadership roles within and beyond our community.

Partnerships and Collaborations

A.S.A Finland is an active member of the Anambra State Association Europe & Anambra State Association Worldwide, fostering social inclusion and collaboration across the global Anambra community.

Our Legacy and Future Endeavors

As we continue to grow, our aspirations include the establishment of the Anambra Community and Business Center in Finland, a hub for cultural learning, community building, and professional networking. This project, alongside our ongoing initiatives, embodies our dedication to maintaining and transferring our cultural values to future generations, ensuring the prosperity and unity of the Anambra and Igbo communities in Finland and beyond.