The Organizing Committee of the ASA Finland Think Home Initiative is delighted to extend a warm invitation to all individuals from Anambra State, including entrepreneurs, healthcare professionals, technologists, environmentalists, and social care advocates, to participate in our forthcoming conference. This event is dedicated to fostering discussions and actionable plans aimed at enhancing the quality of healthcare and the business environment in Anambra State. We are proud to announce that this will be our fifth conference since the initiative’s inception in 2018, and it promises to be an engaging and transformative three-day event. The conference will encompass a workshop, a cultural day celebration, and the official launch and first outing of our ASA Finland Women’s Organization. Scheduled for July 26–29, 2024, this event marks a significant opportunity for collaboration and development.

This year’s convention, themed “ASA Finland Think Home Philosophy: Invest in Anambra State,” is designed to encourage a robust exchange of ideas, strategies, and discussions focused on unveiling and exploring investment opportunities within Anambra State. The venue for this pivotal gathering is the Energia Sali Viikintiw 1B, 00560 Helsinki. We are excited to bring together scholars, professionals, and enthusiasts who share a keen interest in the economic and cultural prosperity of Anambra State.

Call for Project-Oriented Presentations

We are actively seeking innovative and project-oriented paper proposals in the following key areas:

  1. Intellectual Property (IP): An exploration into the realms of IP rights, focusing on their protection and pivotal role in driving creativity and innovation within Anambra State.
  2. Green Economy: A focused discussion on clean technologies, renewable energies, water services, green transportation, and their crucial contributions towards sustainable development.
  3. Infrastructure Projects for Sustainable Economic Development: Insights and discussions on infrastructure development projects that hold the promise of significantly boosting Anambra’s economic growth sustainably.
  4. Women and Youth Empowerment Projects: Initiatives specifically aimed at empowering women and youth, fostering entrepreneurship, skill development, and active participation in the economy.
  5. Personal and Cultural Identity and Heritage Projects: Projects dedicated to preserving and promoting the rich cultural heritage and identity of Anambra State.

Sub-theme: Social Entrepreneurship

This year’s convention will also feature a dedicated segment on “Social Entrepreneurship: A Framework for NGOs and Business Development.” This segment aims to foster discussions on how social entrepreneurship can serve as a powerful catalyst for community development and business growth within Anambra State.

Our ASA Finland women will mark their official launch and operation independence during the event. The cultural day promises to be a showcase of rich heritage and contributions from our vibrant women’s organization.

Participation and Registration

All interested participants are required to register via our website. Those in need of visa assistance must follow all specified guidelines post-registration. We invite you to join us in this significant event, as we work together to chart a prosperous future for Anambra State.

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