Anambra State Association Finland Ry also known as A.S.A Finland Ry (Y-tunnus: 28464739) is a socio-cultural organization registered in Finland as a non-profit organization, with membership based on common heritage, shared dreams and purpose. We are dedicated to membership empowerment through capacity building, with commitment to design and organize programs, seminars and workshops that inform, educate and enlighten her members and the public.

ASA Finland Ry was officially founded in 2010 by some good spirited Anambrarians living, studying and/or working in various Cities in Finland, who saw the need to unite together to support one another and fully committed to the honest advocacy, pursuit, and actual practice and living of the life of love, peace, unity, togetherness, cooperation, understanding and justice among and between ourselves in all matters of common communal interest to us and to Anambra State and Nigeria.

As true son of the soil and great patriot of our great Anambra state with the spirit of “Onye aghara nwanne ya”, we are fully present in our members lives, sharing in their joys (e.g. Weddings, Marriages, Childbirth, Graduations, Job promotions, Birthday), sorrows (e.g. bereavement) and challenges (unemployment, marital issues, integration, racisms).

We love to be good ambassadors of our people both home and abroad. Therefore, we seek to unite all Anambra living in Finland in our own traditional way and to contribute to the cultural heritage and the integration of our member in order to make their stay in the country more productive and more pleasant.

Anambra State Association Kids
Anambra State Association Kids

From that nucleus of friends that started the association, the association has grown rapidly in the last few years into a vibrant union, which now has an estimated population of over 250 people including our family members.

The association is fully dedicated to the development of Anambra State in Nigeria, with commitment to generating and executing ideas capable of complimenting the initiatives of Anambra State Government with special focus on grassroots and core disadvantaged areas.

To maintain the continuum of ‘being our brothers keepers’, we have elected and unanimously resolve to constitute ourselves into a formal Union and to be governed and regulated by our Constitution in order to sustain and entrench a formal relationship with one another, through which brotherhood, mutual understanding, love, trust and development can be cultivated and maintained among us and with the rest of Anambrarians in Nigeria..

ASA-Finland believes in partnership and collaboration with stakeholders hence is a member of Anambra State Association Europe & Anambra State Association Worldwide. This membership is aimed at lubricating the wheels of social inclusion of the wider Anambra community all over the world.

Mission Statement 

The mission of the Anambra State Community Association, Finland is to build community by providing a forum for sharing information, connecting neighbors, promoting activities, and fostering civic involvement in our diverse community. We seek to unite all Anambra living in Finland in order to make their stay in the country more productive and more pleasant.

Vision & Core Values

We are dedicated to the development of our immediate environment with commitment to participate in community forums aimed at aiding integration and promoting inclusiveness.

ASA Finland is equally committed to supporting other charitable organizations that cater for the less privileged in our immediate society.

Purpose & Objectives

  1. To promote the integration of Anambra State indigenes into Finnish society and at the same time enabling A.S.A immigrants’ own culture and language preservation.
  2. To promote immigrants’ self-organized cultural activities and develop their own understanding of culture and strengthen the awareness of their national origin and development of their home State.
  3. To promotes cooperation, encounters and interaction between various cultures in Finland.
  4. To Promote the use of modern technology, especially in the field of information and communication.
  5. To enhance member’s empowerment and skill improvement programs
  6. To promote members interest in physical education and overall physical and psychological welfare.
  7. To promotes Igbo culture and Igbo language, Igbo people’s social integration, participation in public life and decision making.
  8. To serve by building and maintaining an international network and designing programs for the empowerment of Igbo-African immigrant men, women, children, youth.
  9. To serve as a common social umbrella and a united front for constructive unity, solidarity, social interaction, networking, progress, and the healthy promotion of the Anambra/Igbo cultural heritage, identity and traditions among and between ourselves, and with all other associations, organizations, and entities of Anambra State indigenes in Finland in general and Helsinki and its environs in particular.
  10. To promote and foster, love, peace, unity, togetherness, cooperation, understanding, justice and fair-play between and among all Anambra people living in Finland and its environs and in Nigeria or elsewhere in the world, and to do the same in regard to the promotion, pursuit and practice of transparency, accountability, good public policy and governance in public affairs especially in Nigeria.
  11. To encourage and support justice, good public policies, genuine democracy, and honest, transparent and non-corrupt governance at every level of society in Anambra State; and politically, socially, culturally, economically, and otherwise, to ensure that the Anambra State children and people are educated and encouraged to take their rightful places in society.
  12. In cooperation with other Anambra indigenes nation-wide, to seek, research, study and analyze objectively the major intellectual, political, economic and social issues of public interest for Anambra State, and to present, publish, and disseminate a complete non-partisan analysis of same to the people of Anambra State.
  13. Along with other Igbo organizations in the Finland., to actively seek, promote and encourage international cooperation as well as the interest of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in the economic, technological, educational, healthcare and social development and prosperity of Anambra State through patronage, international investments, collaborations as well as humanitarian and charitable programs to ameliorate the sufferings of our people


  1. Promoting African Cultural heritage:

We are also in the forefront of promoting African Cultural heritage especially cultures of Nigerians of Igbo extractions through Igbo music, language, food, festivals, Igbo spirituality and other cultural and social outlets by providing information for Anambrarians living in Finland as well as friends of Anambra interested in learning about Igbo culture and way of life by presenting all aspect of Igbo culture, history and tales via different activities.

  1. Igbo language instruction

We promote activities within our communities, such as Igbo language instruction, cultural art, youth forum and family picnic.

  1. Think home initiative

Beyond our shores we engage in projects geared towards improving the lives of people in towns and villages throughout Anambra state of Nigeria. We are responsive to our community’s needs through the relationships we build, neighborhood businesses, community organizations, in Finland and in Anambra State of Nigeria

  1. Empowerment programs

ASA organizes workshops, courses, exhibitions, concerts, leisure activities, counseling, sports, street activities, recreational activities as well as camps and seminars.

We provide enabling environment for our members to procure and share common interest both professionally and socially. Through affiliation with other organizations both in Finland and Nigeria and the government of Anambra State, we keep our members aware of state operations, community organizations and events and potential developments and changes in our communities.

  1. Integration programs

Multiculturalism and open-mindedness are taken into consideration in all of ASA’ activities, which are provided especially for youth, so they can integrate better into the society they live in. The association tend to act as a link between Finns, immigrants, and the authorities.

  1. Orientation program

We are our brother’s keeper, so we have a dedicated team of experience members that provide guidance and direction for our Anambra people who comes into Finland to ensure they are not misled or misguided to follow a wrong part.

  1. Education & Mentorship program

Education is very important to us. we guide students who have entered Finland to study to different opportunities that will help them achieve their academic goals and help in return to develop our people back home in the long run. 

  1. Anambra Business & Cultural Project  

we set out a day in a year from inward reflection, during which we conduct conferences, workshop, summits, seminar on economic and infrastructural development pf Anambra State.

  1. Children & Youths project

ASA Finland has plan to start a full functional Igbo language & Culture school for our youth and little children. we believe the youth are the future of tomorrow and we need to train, to groom and mold them culturally and build a pool of youth leaders not only to serve the groups but more importantly to serve our state.