Anambra Cultural Festival Finland 2018 (ACFF) will be the first of its kind celebration of Anambrarians and Igbos in the Republic of Finland, bringing Anambrarians and lovers of Igbos and Nigerians together in the largest such gathering. It will be the biggest and most popular mainstream Igbo-Nigerian outdoor event in Finland. The event is organised in partnership with Anambra State Europe.

The first edition of ACFF will be a two-days celebration, to be held on 10-12th August 2018 at the historic Sports Hall of Tikkurila Sports Park, (one of the largest  Sports parks in Finland).

Anambra Cultural Festival will begin to explore International business partnership to spark off a beautiful synergy that will  evolve into an Anambra-European and International partnership in the years to come.

Anambra Cultural Festival Finland 2018 will run from 10th – 12th August 2018 with new and exciting business forum ,cultural workshops, creative arts sessions, networking and partnership building, live performances and presentations and fun filled street-field parade.


To be a dynamic and innovative platform for the celebration of Anambrarians and the diverse Cultures in Finland with creative participation in the arts.


Our aim at (ACF) is to promote integration, celebrate cultural diversity and heritage, inform and educate people about the diverse cultures of the now multi-cultural Finland while re-orientating perception of Igbos and Nigeria to defeat negative stereotypes.


  • Festival
  • Community events
  • Theatre Arts
  • Capacity building
  • Recognition and Award
  • Cultural dance / Music performance
  • Fashion show
  • Business, Investment and Tourism Expo
  • Carnival Arts
  • Charity Fundraising
  • other African performances
  • Artists promotion
  • Igbo display of native delicacies and cuisines
  • Children’s cultural education and orientation
  • International Collaboration and partnership


(ACF) provides opportunities for organizations and businesses and promotes their products and services.

Propose Participants

  • All Igbo Associations in Finland
  • All Anambra State executives & representative from parts of Europe (UK, Spain, turkey, Italy, Ireland, Germany, France)
  • Dignitaries and Business investors from Anambra States
  • Different existing Nigerian ethnic functional communities
  • Ghana Associations
  • Cameroun Associations
  • Somalian Associations
  • Senegalese community
  • Kenya community
  • Etc Etc Etc.

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