End of year Party & Launching of Anambra State Association Almanac Planning & Preparation

No Role & Task Names Remarks 
1. Master of the Ceremony (MC) Mr. Jude Nweke and Mr. Oguejiofor Okany
2. Presenters during the Almanac Launch Mr. Jude Nweke and Mr. Kingsley Abisi Help to call on people to launch our Almanac
3. Financial Secretary at the Event Mr. Chiedu Okoye Should record all financial transactions on that day
4. Media/ Event Secretary: Uchechukwu obi Should take record of all the activities, conducting of interviews, preparing and publishing of news in the all media platforms.
5. Camera man Patrick okoye & Chiedu Okoye
6. Video Coverage Robin Okany
7. Raffle draw Committee Mr. Anthony-claret Onwutalobi  & Mr. Augustine Onubeze Buying of the gift and designing & printing of raffle draw tickets
8. Christmas present(gifts) for kids Mrs. Queen Okeke and Mrs. Uche Ezeonwukaike in charge of purchasing and packaging gift item for kids
9. Santa Crus of the day Kingsley Abisi The father Xmas will be presenting gifts to kids and playing with the kids
10. Hall Decoration Felicia Nwaeze & others Decorate the hall for the event
11. Ushers & Security Prince Ikechukwu (leader), Chukwuemeka Emmanuel, Onyeka Okafor, Valentine Umeaka, Uzochukwu Nwosu, Jude Ibeh Geovanni Obimdike and frank Obi deliver food to visitors and members and no member is expected to loiter around the kitchen
12. Security Arinze Udo
13. Hall Cleaning All members All members are required to stay back to clean the hall
14. Family Christmas Gift Exchange Augustine Onubeze & Clement Anyaegbu Officers managing the process and receiving the gifts to be exchange among members
15. Musical Performance a. Welcome song and Xmas Carol song by (Mrs. Victoria Atuegwu)
b. Organizers of Kids Performance (Mrs. Victoria Atuegwu)
c. Organizers of Women dance (Mrs. Victoria Atuegwu, Mrs. Naomi Claret, Mrs. Uche Ezeonwukaike, Mrs. Amaka Okoye, Mrs. Queen Okeke, Mrs. Cynthia Chukwuemeka, Mrs. Okwudili Anyaegbu, Mrs. Sunny Ogboh, Mrs. Felicia)
d. Organizers of Men Dance (Jude Nweke, Prince Ikechukwu, James Oyoyo)
16. DJ Big Fish
17. Acquisition and purchases a. Buying of food items (Uche Ezeonwukaike and Uche Ezeonwukaike)
b. Buying of drinks (Anthony Atuegwu and Victoria Atuegwu)
c. Purchase of father Christmas costume and patron stole is (Bonaventure Okeke)
d. Purchase of laptop (Austin Onubeze)
e. Purchase of kid’s gift (Queen Okeke and Uche Ezeonwukaike)
f. Purchase of Hall decoration (Felicia)
18. Food & Food preparation a. Preparing Semo (Sunday Okeke & Victoria Atuegwu, Okwunwanne Onyebuchi)
b. Preparing Snacks (Amaka Okoye)
c. Preparing Fried Rice (Naomi Claret)
d. Preparing of Bitter Leaf Soup (Okwudili Anyaegbu)
e. Preparing of Egwusi soup (Cynthia Chukwuemeka)
f. Preparing of Jollof rice (Chidimma Ogboh)
g. Preparing of Suya (Felicia)
h. Preparing fried plantain (Queen Okeke)
i. Preparing of Cakes (John Nwakile)
19. Investiture of patron The President Mr. Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi will install Edwin Nzewi the patron of ASA Finland
 20 Speech Speech to be delivered by the president of ASA Finland Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi

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