Anambra State Association WhatsApp Forum Rules

  1. Post only issues that are DIRECTLY related to ASA Finland (such issues may vary to include information about meeting times, venues, hosting, etc.)
  2. Ask questions that are directly pertinent to Anambra State Association Finland (e.g., if you happen to be in a committee, you may use the group to ask questions relating to your committee, but not to carry out your committee discussion in the group.)
  3. If you have a favor to ask from any of the members, post your request and ask anyone interested to reach out to you personally.
  4. If you find any information regarding things like scholarship, job opportunities, housing, welfare possibilities, or any other thing that you believe will enhance the lives of our members living here in Finland, post it on our group. However, please verify the source of the information before posting.
  5. If you have good ideas on how to improve the association for example, through the contacts that you have, please post your ideas or get in contact with the executives.
  6. Avoid posting inflammatory topics and articles that others may find offensive.
  7. Please DO NOT re-post articles that you receive from other groups to this group just because you find it interesting.
  8. Please DO NOT re-post articles, pictures, video clips and audio clips taken from your Facebook page or from You Tube.
  9. Please DO NOT post pictures of dead bodies or accidents victims and ask members to type AMEN.
  10. Avoid posting political and religious topics. We all have our different political leanings and different degrees of religious belief, and as such we should avoid any argument that may arise from posting our opinions on political or religious issues.
  11. Avoid posting AUDIO clips, VIDEO clips or PICTURES that have no direct relevance to Anambra State Association Finland.
  12. Please do not challenge anyone who posts something on the group. Leave it to the administrators to address the person privately.
  13. If you wish to post anything that is beyond the criteria set out above, please contact any of the administrators or the executives and seek advice BEFORE posting.
  14. Avoid bringing up issues that we suppose to discuss in the meeting or making posts and voice records to challenge the association decisions, instead bring your views in our normal general meetings.
  15. The administrator(s) reserve the right to suspend any member from the group if it believes that this member has gone against these principles on several occasions.