Anambra State Europe Convention Aug 10th – Aug 12th 2018

Anambra State is a FAST developing state in Nigeria. It has to explore its natural resources and human capital to meet the requirement of its population. In the process of development, the government of the State, due to strong commitment with its people, the Diasporas and international agencies, is very concerned about the environmental condition of the State.

To protect the environment from degradation, and prevent diseases, promote health, socio-economic development and status of vulnerable and disadvantaged women, children, youths and men in community settings, there is a need to adopting Behavioral Change Communication (BCC) strategy. Therefore, there is a need for Solid Waste Management implementation and action in the state.


Mission of ASA Europe on attracting investment to the State.

  1. As a member of ASA World, we partner with ASA World in achieving the ‘Think Home Philosophy’
  2. As committed Ndi Anambra in Diaspora, we commit and support Anambra State government to become the first choice investment destination and Most preferred location to site new industries in Nigeria
  3. Attract foreign direct investors through our conferences and network project and promote Anambra State  attractive investment Hub as the government creates an incentive-focused investment climate for investors across the state’s four (4) pillars (Agriculture, Industrialisation, Trade & Commerce, Oil & Gas)
  4. Work with Anambra State Investment Promotion and Protection Agency (ANSIPPA) to facilitate and secure favorable and investment friendly for FDIs and NGOs.


Mission of ASA Europe on attracting NGOs to the State.

The mission ASA Europe conference is to create an empowered Anambra Diaspora as change agents for the development of Anambra State in particular and Nigerian in general.

The Business Conference aim is establishing a match-making platform to contribute to an environment for the Anambra Diaspora to maximize its potential-capital, knowledge and networks to the development of Anambra State.

This conference portends to be an investment conference where there will be an opportunity to LEARN about Global Investment strategies, DEVELOP through exposure to experts and build your NETWORK

Anambra State Investment Promotion & Protection Agency (ANSIPPA)


Ten Reasons to Invest In Anambra State

  • West Africa’s largest, dynamic and stimulating market in Ontisha
  • A vibrant small and medium enterprise community; an aboundant skilled labour force, considerable entrepreneurial ability, and easy access to capital and natural resources
  • Ability to source raw materials, components and finished products from within the state is a key logistical advantage
  • Excellent incentives to investors- land, tax relief, waivers, a one-stop-service center, security and protection
  • The most secure and safe environment to do business in Nigeria.
  • Extremely high regard for the rule of law, and respect for regulatory and administrative procedures.
  • Ranked 1st in commercial trade volume in Nigeria’s southeast region (3rd in the country after Lagos and Kano).
  • Ranked as one of the nation’s fastest growing economies and a national leader in job creation. Manufacturing and technology, agriculture, capital access, etc.
  • Ranked strong in governance, reforms, and in enforcing contracts
  • In 2015, Anambra was ranked the most transparent and accountable state in Nigeria, complying with all the set standards in public sector accounting, according to the International Public Sector Accounting System.


What to expect from the conference

This Conference will offers you a chance for meeting new international partners and exchanging ideas for collaborative research, technology transfer and commercial opportunities in pre-arranged 20 minute one-to-one meetings at one location as well as match making of NGOs and Donor Agencies in a round table discussions,

 Health development, Free Medical Mission, solution to reduce maternal mortality rate, water treatment, Human Capital Development and empowerment programs e.g. training, micro-finance, social welfare will be the core targets at the conference.